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FAQ: Welcome

How do you know dance is good for you?

Wow, where do we start?

Numerous international scientific studies have shown the unique and incredible benefits of dance for all categories of people, at many different levels: physical, mental, emotional and social too. For instance dance is proven to be more effective than medication in several physical and mental health conditions (British Medical Journal research by Haseler et al., 2019).

Our own scientific partner in our team, Dr Peter Lovatt, has led a lot of these studies. 


During each dance break, we will share some of these fascinating research nuggets. 


What sort of benefits does dance have?

Firstly there's the physical aspect. Whilst dancing is shown in research to be equal to other forms of exercise in terms of boosting heart rate and therefore the immune system, dance uniquely leaves people feeling less tired and more happy (Campion and Levita, 2014). You'll know this yourself if you've boogied all night at a party!


The chemical reactions that take place in your brain while dancing have endless other benefits. Some are related to thinking, including boosting creativity and problem solving (Lewis and Lovatt, 2012). Others are related to emotions, including boosting mood and self-esteem (Lane and Lovejoy, 2001). Lastly dancing helps with social connectivity (Tarr et al, 2016).

How long does a dance break take?

For company teams, our dance breaks typically last 10-15 minutes. This allows time to brief the team, do the custom-designed dance break and then share some "nuggets" of the science behind the benefits of dance for good.


Our typical service is a block of four dance breaks over a period of time. For example, we could do one dance break a week during a month of regular weekly team meetings.

I have a community organisation. Do I need to pay for Dance for Good?

No, we use the funds from our company dance breaks to pay for designing and delivering dance sessions in the community.


We cover the costs of dance therapists and professional dancers and ensure we create the right sort of sessions.

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